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Elizabeth Moscrop >>


A pilot and author, Liz has had a stimulating writing and communications career, with some training thrown in for good measure. Career highlights to date include interviewing John Travolta, Jackie Chan and William Shatner. 

She's had quite a trip before getting that lucky. She started out teaching drama to inner city kids in Liverpool, segueing into performing and promoting stand up comedy...sadly a major career handicap was a complete inability to remember jokes. God knows how she did it for five years.

She then moved to the BBC news and current affairs publicity department. She was (un)fortunate enough to be the public relations gopher for Martin Bashir's first big interview with Princess Diana.


Tired of glueing 300ft of press cuttings to the BBC archive file, she leapt into Goldman Sachs' presentations department which took her to Hong Kong......where she was snaffled first by the China Internet Corporation (the first Chinese company to list on NASDAQ) and ultimately by ehealthcareasia as their Director of Corporate Communications. She was their first employee and the company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange within five months. Lots of 80 hour weeks and business breakfasts later the internet company went the way of many in the dot com boon, so she flew to Long Beach to learn to fly planes.

Now totally hooked she earns her living writing about aviation and, in common with the birdflies team, helping flight training schools, conference producers and financial services providers with their internal and external communications. She has many years of corporate internal and external communications, newsletter production, web writing and marketing under her belt.


Having worked for herself most of her life Liz appreciates the bottom line and works with her clients to produce best value, ie delivering desired results for the optimal price. She writes for aviation publications all over the world including Aviation Today, Arabian Aerospace, BART International, and Aircraft Interiors magazine amongst others. An expert in female aeronautical history, she co authored the book "The 100 Greatest Women in Aviation" with Sanjay Rampal.
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Ian Nock >>
ian nock

Ian Nock has lived in Hong Kong for 20 years and heads up Fourforces’ sister company, HK, which provides high quality private editorial, public relations, marketing and English tuition services as well as Company Training in Hong Kong and China. HK English also enjoys a close affiliation with JetOne Flight Academy in Hong Kong.

A pharmacist by trade, Ian arrived in Asia and taught English language skills to students in Hong Kong, before embarking on a career which took him via hospitals and healthcare providers to web design and communications services. His website currently ranks no 1 in the Hong Kong searches when visitors look for “English language tuition”. A skilled online communicator, he also performs the same trick for his many clients.

With contacts all over South East Asia, Birdflies and HK English can provide marketing, editing, public relations, copywriting, proofreading and correction services of all types of documents including brochures, business plans, business reports, manuals, marketing, customer letters, sales letters, advertising copy, press releases, resumes and cv's, academic papers, research papers, and academic essays. Ian also enjoys close links with the Hong Kong helicopter community and enjoys flying over the Fragrant Harbour taking in some of the world’s most spectacular views.





Daniel O’Connor
head of copywriting

Daniel O’Connor, head of copywriting. Twice World Communications Award-winner Daniel O’Connor has one obsession in life: getting the message across efficiently. He always focuses on the reader and what they want to know. Fluent in French and Japanese, his copywriting spans two decades and includes a spell at All Nippon Airways.


Carrie Rockett
design guru

Carrie earned her BFA. Graphic design and photography from Northwestern State University. She teaches art and is pursuing a MAT in art education at Louisiana Tech University. She has been involved in numerous advertising campaigns and has served as creative director for The Forum News and Citylife magazines.


Natasha Tobin
head of broadcast

natasha tobinNatasha is an acclaimed broadcast journalist who is passionate about presenting documentaries, interviews, news packages and live events, including a study for the Air Accident Investigation Bureau. She taught corporate and political communication at the University of London.



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